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Things to look for when selling your home!

Posted on March 29, 2014 at 7:02 PM
Hello All!

As some of you may have already figured it out we deal a lot with foreclosed properties that need COMPLETE renovations and in doing so we have come up with a list of items buyers look for and I'd love to share the information with potential sellers!

1. Appearance!
     - If you are selling your home, whether it is an empty house or a lived in home, make sure it is clean! I don't just mean looks clean, I really mean CLEAN! AJ's Cleaning & Restoration can help you out with that! We have a special package set up just for folks who are getting ready to sell/in the process of selling that includes: Deep cleaning of entire home - please email for a specific list of items done. Carpet cleaning. Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing. Once we are done with your home potential buyers will be amazed at how clean the home actually is and how good it smells! Plus, everyone will look at it as "ready to move in" rather than "dirty and needs cleaned".
2. Updates!
     - If your home is over 10 years old, consider doing some upgrades! Not all upgrades have to cost an arm and a leg.. I will provide a list of simple updates that will keep your budget to a minimum but bring your homes appearance to a maximum!
          1. Painting - a fresh coat of paint means the world to a 10 year old house. It will get rid of a lot of smells your home may have experienced from every day living. Also, when painting choose neutral colors - Light Tan/Heavy Cream with one accent wall in a darker color will mean the world to potential buyers!
          2. Flooring - not all flooring has to cost an arm and a leg! For example, we just installed HIGH GRADE laminate wood flooring in a home. The flooring and padding cost was $1.69/sqft! The laminate floor was of HIGH GRADE, not your typical big box store flooring! Tile is also one of the upgrades we recommend! You can purchase ceramic tile for $0.99 to $1.99 that looks very beautiful once installed!
         3. Caulk does wonders! Prior to selling your home, make sure all windows/doors have caulk applied in appropriate areas to not let cold/hot air in. We see this especially in older homes.
         4. Faucets/light fixtures! Gold is old is my saying! If you have "gold" faucets/light fixtures/door knobs replace them all with brushed nickel! It is fairly inexpensive but looks a lot better!

That is it for this post, next one I will go over the "check list" of buying foreclosed homes! Yikes!

Thank you for reading,

Your Des Moines Area Handyman!

AJ Dedic
AJ's Handyman

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